Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blog Buddy Responses from Nicole

1. Dan showed strong analytical work in his post titles “Power, Authority, and Gender”. He explained in detail some of the hegemonic/counter-hegemonic norms that are shown in the television show Scrubs (his topic). He gave several exampled from the show where these norms are present. Someone reading his Blog would clearly understand his ideas, even if they have never seen the show.

2. I think Dan is very good at using the course readings in his Blog posts (something that I often had trouble doing). I think you should be able to find another good article to cite in your final Blog post.

3. Think about the following statements in relation to your Blog buddy’s Blog and then provide feedback on each area (constructive praise/criticism):
The Blog is on a topic that has been clearly evident in the Blog posts throughout the semester. Dan has been writing about Scrubs all semester (except when asked to do otherwise), and this is evident in his Blog posts.

The Blog is on a topic that seems to interest my Blog buddy. Dan is obviously a fan of the television show Scrubs, otherwise he would not have chosen it as his topic. He seems to also be interesting in analyzing Scrubs. He seems to know enough about the show that he is able to cite examples from many episodes.

My Blog buddy’s topic is one that has produced a good set of posts that were analytical used gender as a primary category of analysis. Based on Dan’s posts, and what I know about the show Scrubs, there are various characters that can be analyzed based on gender issues. Scrubs, like Grey’s Anatomy (my topic) is set in a hospital, where there are issues with power, and who has that power (usually male characters). He produced the required number of posts as well.

The posts make analytical arguments. The posts are understandable and each post logically outlines and supports the argument presented. The posts were clear, provided insight, evidence, and analysis to connect the topic with the assignment for each of the posts. Dan was able to use his topic to follow the assignment for every post. The posts were clear and analytical.

The sources cited in each post are relevant to the topic and help to aid the understanding of the argument and/or assisted in proving the argument. Dan cited several different articles throughout his blog posts. Each article was related to the topic he was writing about in that particular post.

The quotes used illustrate a broad range of course readings throughout the semester. The quotes Dan used were from articles read is class, and were related to the topic he was writing about in the specific post. He used several different articles throughout the semester.

The quotes were clear and succinct; additionally, the material was presented so that I could differentiate the Blog buddy’s ideas from that of the author cited. Dan properly cited the sources he was using. I was able to tell when he was citing a source in his reading.

4. Finally…
I thought it was great when you added a video clip to emphasize your idea about one of the characters. It made it easier to understand what you were talking about in regard to the personality of the character. If possible, it might be good to try to do that again in your final blog post, or in your presentation.

I found it confusing when you used several different characters in a post. I know I did the same thing, but it probably would be better to just focus on one character in each Blog post. You could try to do this for the final Blog post.

You’re really great at finding readings that go along with your post. You are also good at explaining the articles in terms of how you are citing it in your post. This is something that I had a lot of trouble doing.

I wish you could focus (more) on/alter/edit/explain/expand on/ etc. these three things…
1. I think you should focus on the character of Elliot more in one of your posts. I’ve seen the show Scrubs, and I know that she often fits in with the hegemonic norms of a woman. I think there are things in many episodes that you could draw on to write a post about her.
2. Try to focus on just one character in your last Blog post to make it less confusing.
3. You might want to try to better explain characters with their relationships to one another.