Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Todd: The Supposedly Straight Surgeon

Kupers says that men often “do a lot of toughening up” and keep other men at a distance so that we can be free of any closeness that might make us feel vulnerable (Kupers 500). I will use this statement as a focus to analyze the “Scrubs” character The Todd. The Todd acts ultra-masculine. He is the stereotypical meathead who is always giving high-fives, sexually harassing his women co-workers, and acting in ways to affirm his masculine sexuality. Despite this macho, hyper-masculine attitude his heterosexuality is often questioned by the other characters of the show. Todd’s behavior is so over the top that everyone assumes or suspects that he is gay and is trying to hide it by constantly affirming that he is straight. Kupers would say that Todd toughens himself up so blatantly that it is natural for other to suspect that he is trying to repel any feelings of intimacy with other men, because he is uncomfortable with his desire for that intimacy.

Work Cited

Kupers, Terry A. Revisioning Men’s Lives: Gender, Intimacy, and Power. The Guilford Press, 1992.

Here's a video of the Todd in action.